Katy Perry was moved to tears as she paid an emotional tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack on Thursday night, during her London gig.

The ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ singer was on stage at a small, intimate one-off gig at London’s The Water Rats pub when she dedicated a song to the 22 people who tragically lost their lives during an Ariana Grande concert on Monday.

Katy, 32, had tears in her eyes as she addressed the crowd, saying: “This week has been really hard. It sucked. It was hard for you guys and it was hard for me because we all love music. We all listen to the same music. And you think about it and think, ‘That’s my friend, that’s my sister, that’s my cousin, that’s my brother.’”

“It’s awful. And whatever you can do to help, you should. And if you can’t do anything that’s fine. But what you should do is not let them win… I’m going to sing this next song [Part of Me] for them.

“They can never take that part for us ever. Ever.”

Katy’s touching tribute comes after Harry Styles and Celine Dion both sent messages of support from their own concerts.

On Tuesday, just one day after the atrocity, Celine told her audience: “What happened last night makes no sense whatsoever.

“We live in different times and we need to love each other more than ever. We need to support each other more than ever as well.

“What do you say? We show our love to all of those in Manchester tonight, what do you think about that?”

Harry, meanwhile, was on stage in Mexico when he spoke about the terror attack. “I wanted to come and celebrate with you, but tonight doesn’t feel like a night to celebrate,” he said.

“Last night there was a tragedy in my hometown of Manchester, and I have been left with a hole in my heart.

“I went to my first show in that arena, and I have had some of the best experiences of my life playing there.

“We have a choice, every single day that we wake up of what we can put into the world and I ask you to please choose love every single day.

“I promise that we will be back very soon to Mexico and will be back with a full show but tonight we are just going to play a small acoustic set.

“I hope you understand and I hope you will join me in a moments silence for the victims and the families of the attack yesterday.”

Author: Yemi Olarinre