Mediocrity, The Comfort Zone Most People Ease Themselves Into

Image: Mediocrity, The Comfort Zone Most People Ease Themselves Into


Once people get too comfortable with their jobs, relationships, and fulfill their basic needs, a funny thing happens – people stop pushing themselves.

People settle.

People don’t push their limits.

People watch their life pass by.

Happiness is not about the accumulation of things that end up in a landfill in two years. Happiness is about constant goal-setting and working your butt off to achieve those goals. It’s about the feeling that comes with struggle, progress and then achievement. And then moving on to the next thing.

You would be stunned to figure out what you can do with the time that you have been given on this planet. Why waste it on stuff that just doesn’t matter?

Talk to someone in their 80s and 90s.

What do they care about? It’s never about how secure their job was or how stable their life was. They care about making money by doing the right thing, spending time with their loved ones and creating a legacy that they believe is meaningful. They value integrity, respect, honesty and compassion.

What do they regret? Playing it too safe – you must have heard that a couple of times. Not engaging in new experiences. Not doing something crazy and ridiculous. Wondering if they should have gone down that lesser-traveled path or not given up on that hobby.

Do not settle for average.

Set a ridiculously high goal. Fail hard. Dust yourself off. Fail again.

Dust yourself off. Fail one more time. Dust yourself off. Reach that goal. And then start the process again tomorrow.

Life is what you make of it. So why settle for mediocrity?

Author: Yemi Olarinre