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The Minster of Environment, Aisha Mohammed has urged the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA and other militant groups responsible for various attacks on oil pipelines in the region to desist from such act and embrace dialogue with the Federal Government.

Aisha Mohammed stated that such acts are not only criminal but have negative impacts on the environment which can not be quantified.

She said: “Today, over 60% of the pollution in the Niger Delta are third party breaks. It is criminal.

“This is not being done by people coming from outside, this is being done by people who are doing this to themselves. This is not a short term wound, this is a very deep wound because when you open up oil to your environment, it takes decades to get that environment back.

“So it’s not just a question of what you do to the economy in the short term. If the economy fixes itself with the diversification, what have you done to your land? Young people need to understand.

“Please come to the table and dialogue, because the alternative that you have chosen is a wrong path for you, your future and your environment.”

The Minister further noted that the current administration treasures the rule of law and would not accept criminal acts.

She explained that whatever the reason, it remained unacceptable for militants to endanger the lives of others residing in the same environment.

Author: Cerebral Lemon