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The Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, has said that the President will commission the 187 kilometres Abuja-Kaduna railway line in the first week of July.

Speaking to transport correspondents in Abuja, on Wednesday, shortly after the completion of the first test run of the rail line from Idu to Kubwa, he praised efforts put into the project and declared that all is set for an official commissioning.

He further praised the project, explaining that the project was timely, as it brings a bit of solution to commuters who are in need of additional means of transportation.

The Minister said: “I believe the project is good to go. Hopefully, the President will commission it by the first week of July.”

Addressing security measures for the project, the Minister said that only passengers with verified identities would be allowed on the railway.

He added that like flights, national identities, drivers licence or international passports will be required before boarding is allowed.

On security personnel, he said that plans were underway to disperse 1,000 police personnel all over stop stations.

“Passengers will be required to present their identification cards at all times before they can be allowed to take a ride. We have to know who and who is taking a train ride and where they are headed.

“So identities such as drivers licence, national identity card or valid passport will be required for clearance”, the Minister said.

Author: Cerebral Lemon