The very beautiful Jennifer Lopez who is currently creating waves with her new role as Detective Harlee Santos in the NBC show Shades of Blue has started yet another wave with her new mirror selfie.

As she shared a glimpse of her looks from the American drama series, the singer-turned-actress Jennifer Lopez shared a candid selfie with her fans on Instagram.

But little did JLo realise that the busty mirror shot would land her in the middle of a different debate altogether.

No sooner had she shared the image on social media, than fans bombarded her comments section with all sorts of questions – ranging from boob job rumours to her alleged pregnancy.

“Are you pregnant?” one fan asked point blank, sparking a fresh round of rumours on the picture-sharing site. “My darling and love Jennifer, you look so beautiful, so sensual pregnant. I love you and the kids,” another fan commented adding to the pregnancy chatter.

Stylish as ever, the Ain’t Your Mama hitmaker is seen posing for a self-portrait while still wearing her detective costume in the image.

With her short hair styled into massive waves and eyes rimmed with dark kohl, needless to say, the pop star looks nothing less than mesmerising.

But, eagle-eyed viewers seemed to be caught over an entirely different aspect about the picture. The lighting in the image coupled with the plunging neckline of JLo’s vest caused many to wonder if she had gone under the knife.

“I admire how this woman looks and takes care of herself, but I did prefer her natural boobies,” one critic responded to the photo, while another added: “Idk why, but does it look like she got surgery (sic).”