The biggest scam in human history is the Federal Reserve’s ability to print the U.S. Dollar.

Every country in the world prints its own money. What it means is that governments essentially take wealth from their people through the mechanism of printing money.

So here is how it works. Let’s take India as an example. If there is Rs 10 trillion of money in the Indian economy and the Indian government then suddenly prints Rs 10 trillion for itself, the Indian Rupee would suddenly be worth half as much as before.

Why? Because the number of goods and services in India would not have changed, but the amount of money would have doubled, meaning that each Rupee would just get you half as much as before.

Suddenly the Indian government has half the money, while before it had printed the money it had nothing.

So printing money just transfers wealth to the party that prints the money, away from the party that already has the money.

Got it?

But in the case of India it’s kind of okay for the government to print money. After all, the government is there to serve the people. Or it should be.

But in the U.S. the entity that prints the money, the Federal Reserve, is privately owned.

Yes, you read that right, it’s privately owned.

So this privately-owned Federal Reserve transfers wealth from the American people to itself.

Now the Federal Reserve goes to some length to explain how it’s privately owned as well as publicly owned, but one wonders why it’s all so complicated and, more importantly, so secretive.

Sure, the Fed has to give most of its profits to the Treasury department, but no organisation, including the Congress or the IRS, can audit it. Hello?

If it looks like a rat, feels like a rat, and smells like a rat, then it probably is a rat.

And this looks, feels and smells like a rat…

The Federal Reserve takes wealth from the entire world.

Yes, the U.S. Dollar is a global currency. It is the world’s currency reserve, it is the currency that other currencies and commodities are traded in.

And so when the Federal Reserve prints money, we have a privately-owned institution that transfers wealth not only from the American people, but from the entire planet.

That has to be the greatest scam in the history of humanity…

Source: Quora

Author: Yemi Olarinre