Image: The final logos (

Image: The final logos (

Logos are a critical aspect of branding. A logo is the visual cornerstone of a company’s brand. Logo establishes the identity of a brand.

Studies have shown that people recognise and relate to images faster than they do to text. In today’s world of multimedia, this rings more true than ever.

Last year, a number of Nigerian Banks underwent some level of transformation by changing or redesigning their logos. One such bank is Fidelity Bank.

Only recently, popular mobile photo and video sharing social networking site, Instagram, changed its logo and colour.

Two months back, popular browser company, Mozilla announced that it was rebranding itself and looking for a fresh logo and would enlist the Internet’s help in reaching a final decision.

To achieve this goal, the open web pioneer company hired British design company, Johnson Banks, to come up with at least seven ‘new concepts’ to illustrate the company’s work.

As a brand identity of a company should be, Mozilla’s Creative Director Tim Murray wrote in a blog post that each of the new designs reflected a story about the company.

“From paying homage to our paleo-technic origins to rendering us as part of an ever-expanding digital ecosystem, from highlighting our global community ethos to giving us a lift from the quotidian elevator open button, the concepts express ideas about Mozilla in clever and unexpected ways,” he wrote.

Mozilla has published the seven concepts designed and the company is asking for comments and criticism on the new designs for the next two weeks.

However, Mozilla noted that the company is not crowd-sourcing the process of whittling down the seven ideas to one, but is asking for feedback it can use in its own deliberations.

“From here, we’ll reduce these seven concepts to three, which we’ll refine further based partially on feedback from people like you, partially on what our design instincts tell us, and very much on what we need our brand identity to communicate to the world,” Mozilla says.

If you are interested in leaving comments for a specific logo, visit the Mozilla blog ( and click on each logo to be taken to its dedicated discussion page.

The final logo is expected to be selected in September.


Author: Timilehin Boyinde

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde is a research writer and a social media strategist. A public affairs analyst, he writes about history, politics, sports, life matters and technology. He is passionate about happenings in Local and international political arenas. He is an avid Manchester United fan and an unapologetic Nigerian.