President, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has boasted about his government, describing it as a government like no other government in the history of the Nation.

He stated this as he noted that Nigeria is experiencing probably the toughest economic times in its history. Buhari went on to acknowledge the sacrifice and resilience of Nigerians whose confidence of a great future remains his strength.

In his words at the signing of the 2016 budget, the president said, “permit me to say that this government is also like none other.

Continuing, he said, “we are absolutely committed to changing the structure of the Nigerian economy once and for all. We are working night and day to diversify the economy such that we never again have to rely on one commodity to survive as a country. So that we can produce the food we eat, make our own textiles, produce most of the things we use.

“We intend to create the environment for our young people to be able to innovate and create jobs through technology. I cannot promise you that this will be an easy journey, but in the interest of so much and so many, we must tread this difficult path. But I can assure you this government you have freely elected will work with honesty and dedication day and night to ensure that our country prospers and that the prosperity benefits all Nigerians,” he concluded.

President Buhari signed the 2016 budget after much scrutiny from the presidency and the National assembly for more than two months.

Author: Cerebral Lemon