A car is only as fine as the bodywork and finishing. It might have great functions and specifications and be dulled down by a badly finished exterior. Same with the skin and the care that is meant to be given to it. Most people end up with bad care skin practice as a result of ignorance but if Shrek can have a good skin, you can.

The first thing you should know is that you can’t want a naturally glowing skin with synthetic methods. A lot of face products cram the face with chemicals that leave the skin less and less natural, while they would do the work, some of them have negative effects later on. For the ladies, a simple wash up and removal of make-up with natural oil is fine.

Natural Remedies Photo Source: pinterest.com

Natural Remedies
Photo Source: pinterest.com

Watch what goes to your face or skin. Think of your skin like a plant that requires food to grow. Create a regimen of natural cleansing method and exfoliation and do away with the bottles of chemicals promised to do a lot for your skin. If you have to use them at all, it is advised to do a little more research on the content of those products.

The skin needs hydration to look healthy and glowing. Most people advise a simple habit of drinking a lot of water and shielding your skin from harsh conditions with natural oils.

Keeping things simple is all you’ll ever need.

Author: Cerebral Lemon