As the world marks the World Intellectual Property Day today, the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC has said it is committed to ensuring that the rights of Intellectual Property creator are adequately protected.

This was stated by the Director General of NCC, Afam Ezekude in a goodwill message to intellectual creators in Abuja. The commission urged that Nigerians should embrace all the benefits digital-technology brings. It stressed that Nigerians must be mindful not to use the same to violate the rights of teeming IP creators.

He noted that there is a problem of copyright infringement by Nigerians who have no regard for copyright at all.

Mr. Ezekude said, “this near-free access to cultural consumables also poses challenges to Enforcement Agencies like ours in discharging our mandate. The complexities of policing the cyber space further stresses the need to review our legislation and enforcement strategies to address digital piracy, strengthen existing collaborations with countries with which we have Treaty obligations, enlighten local and foreign stakeholders on the emerging trends in the IP sector. It also imposes a greater responsibility on the creators themselves. The sheer volume of digital traffic means the stakeholders have to partner with Agencies in protecting their works. They need to invest in cutting-edge technology that helps to protect their works in the digital environment”

“In the foreseeable future, the terrain of IP enforcement is likely to shift more and more from the terrestrial terrain to the virtual. Navigating this brave new world, will require all the resources available to Agencies and stakeholders to be channeled towards this fight”, he continued.

He further assured Nigerians of the Commission’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for the advancement of IP in Nigerian.

Author: Ope Adedeji