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King Willem-Alexander                                 Image:

The Dutch Government issued a warning on Tuesday at the official opening of Parliament that Britain’s departure from the EU, would mean fewer jobs at home.

Britain decided to exit from the EU on June 23 after a historic referendum in which they rejected the advice of the main Westminster party leaders and instead took a plunge into the political unknown.

“Britain is an important trading partner and Brexit will cost jobs, also in our country,” the government said in a speech delivered by King Willem-Alexander before parliament at The Hague.

Cooperation in Europe is crucial for the Netherlands, the king said in a text prepared by the government to present its plans for the coming parliamentary year to lawmakers.

The government said it would achieve economic growth of 1.7 per cent this year.

The coalition government under conservative-liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte is presenting its final plan for government as general election is due to take place in March 2017.

Author: Cerebral Lemon