I learnt or should I say I relearned some life lessons yesterday.

By the way, I have been trying to do a random post all June but it’s not just flowing, I am so soaked up by all God is doing in and around me and my friends. Hallelujah!

Talking about friends, if the ones closest to me were to define my person and relationship with them, they will say I am a careful and protective lover.

I hoard them. I want them to be there 80 per cent of the time because my kind of love is fierce even if I am too tough to admit it.

The other day, one of these yeye ones was scolding me how I thrive on attention. Please if attention is my love language, then give me abi? Shior.

Anyway, I spoke to two of them yesterday and that is the story I am sharing today.

Friend 1 – This one, we are opposites. While she’s the life of the party, I am the reserved one. She’s everything I am not. She’s feisty; I am a lot more reserved. And that’s the beauty of it all. We complement each other so perfectly well, we are sisters. A bond many would covet.

Some years ago, life happened and we were reduced to courtesy calls only which soon faded out.

I thought I tried to reach out and she thought same too. When I saw my efforts were futile and thoughts of her had become tormenting, I started praying God to take her thoughts from my mind. I wanted peace so bad. Her thoughts wouldn’t leave me as we shared a lot but they soon became infrequent. Time passed and of course, we settled.

Yesterday I told her how I would pray endlessly for God to take her thoughts away and she told me how she prayed that God should bring us back together (another evidence of our differences, lol). God answered somebody’s prayer! (Hold your thoughts on this)


Friend 2 – We moved to different countries and the friendship was severed. I knew she had a lot on her plate but couldn’t help wondering why she (we) didn’t try harder. We would catch up here and there but it was never the same. We still got each other’s back though (whatever that meant).

Yesterday, she told me how one of her life experiences (that I knew about) meant she was revived 3 times.


I recently started watching Greys Anatomy which means, I am on my way to being a medical doctor (hiss at your phone, lol). The severity and reality of her experience just made a new meaning. I could have lost her!

While I was living life and thinking friend 2 was becoming too distant, she maybe needed my shoulders more than ever.

While I was praying friend 1 away, she was praying that I be a shoulder for her in that time.

But you see, I was consumed in my thoughts and needs that I shut them out.

I am happy we have another chance to do this again, that not being the point.

The point is; a lot of us get carried away in our worlds and realities that we fail to give thoughts to others and their realities.

Friendships have family have been lost to power tussle.

We are doing first to call when the sound of our hello could have saved souls.

We are consumed in the happenings of our lives that we forget life hasn’t stopped happening for our loved ones too. Meaning; they need as much hug as we think we do.

I have had so much to think about since yesterday but I will end this piece with this; when you feel the need to go extra miles for your loved ones, do not hesitate. It may be just what they need at the time and you may never have another chance to be a shoulder.

Lots of love.

Author: Siju Yusuf