Whether passively or otherwise we’ve all thought, at some point, ‘I wish I could switch his/her life for mine’.

That is the thought of someone who wants a better life but would rather just replace theirs with someone else’ life which they thought is better from what they’d seen from a distance.

Below is a story that will teach you not to look down on your life because someone else’ seems better.

“You see your friend.

“She is extremely happy because she has something.

“So, you also follow her and aim to get that something.

“Using your skills and intelligence, you overtake her and finally get ten times of that which makes your friend happy.

“But you realise that you are not as happy as her.

“When you turn back and see, you find that it was not that something that made your friend happy but it was the special attachment she shared with that something.

“Sadly, it is too late as half of your life was over in pursuing it.”

So, don’t blindly follow what others do and waste your life in the process.

Same things have different meaning to different people.

The thing that brings happiness to one person can bring boredom to another.

The thing that meant luxury to you might mean useless to another.

So, don’t look outward. Instead, see inward, find your instinct and follow it.

Author: Yemi Olarinre