Getting any commodity, such as a fine car, may be difficult but maintaining them is obviously more difficult. This is because lack of or poor maintenance can wreck it in no time.

This is the same with relationship; it requires serious maintenance for it to last. This is a new year, you have to get better at dealing with issues in your relationship.

Below are practical steps that will help your relationship get the best out of you so you may get the best out of it.

Whether your partner is a jealous type, gentle, tolerant, dreadful or whatever he/she might be, this is going to be helpful.

#Look Back: Looking back makes you see how your relationship was more romantic and blissful at the beginning. Look back to see what you were doing at the time and employ the attitude for betterment.

#Give Attention: Attention is needed whether you’re together or not. When you’re together, put aside your phone. Listen to your partner and have a wonderful time. When you’re not together, give a phone call, not just chatting on social media; endeavour to hear each other’s voice.

#Learn from older couples: They are together for that long for a reason. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. In my progenitor’s belief, we believe the elders are islands of experience because what they see while sitting, you may not see while standing, even while on the ladder. In short, meet old couples who are around 60 – 65 years old and are still living together with love, they’ve got a lot to teach you. #TIPS: meet them 3 times, first with the man, second time with the woman and the third time with them both.

#Appreciate your partner: In fact, you can write ten things you love and enjoy about your partner and send it to him/her. Appreciate them for their love and encourage them as well. Acknowledge positive things and be lavish with your praise.

#Surprise them: Surprise them with gifts because exchange of gift enhances affection. Surprise them with dinner or lunch. Surprise them with outing. Go to the gym or street walk together.

Do you see your relationship on the tip top doing the above? Surprised? Yes, it’s your relationship on the pinnacle panicle.


Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi