Nigeria is now the destination of choice of fashion enthusiasts, Mr Steven Dutton, the Marketing Manager, Da Viva, a fashion outlet, said in Lagos on Monday.

He said that Nigerian fashion and its exquisite style was fast gaining recognition the world over.

He stressed: “I think it is fantastic, I think it is becoming so well known internationally now, and it is having a bigger influence on world fashion.

“Nigerian ladies particularly; they are very fashionable people and they are really developing very quickly and their group influences is growing.

“I hope that we can also be joining them as Da Viva and giving them fantastic fabrics.’’

The marketing manager urged Nigerians to patronise locally-produced fabrics, which he said were of higher quality than imported ones.

This he noted would go a long way to enhance the profile of the local textile industry.

Dutton also urged government to intensify efforts to stop the influx of smuggled textiles into Nigeria to ensure protection of the local industry.

Author: Cerebral Lemon