Good news for the Apako master, Terry G as the ban placed on his music has been officially lifted by the DJs Association of Nigeria (DJAN). The announcement was made in a statement released on Monday.

The ban was placed on Terry G’s music after the singer slapped DJ Phreez, an apprentice of veteran Nigerian DJ, Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt at a comedy show held at the Shell Hall of Muson centre in Lagos state two weeks ago.

With the ban active and the association demanding a public apology from the singer, DJs across country were barred from playing Terry G’s music.

In compliance to the demand of the association, Terry G issued a public apology to DJ Phreez and even visited DJ Jimmy Jatt to further apologise.

Having met all the conditions stipulated by the association, the association officially announced on Monday that the ban has been lifted and the singer is forgiven.

The apology letter which was addressed to the DJ association and Jimmy Jatt expressed Terry G’s utmost regret for his action:

“….The negative ones fly like wild fire while the positive ones is not as wild as the negative stories but all the same God has been faithful. I, Terry G will be the last person to wanna ruin a colleagues event intentionally or want to hurt anybody. Good or bad I have contributed Negatively or Positively to the Nigerian music industry.

My sincere apology to Nigerians number one DJ Jimmy Jatt for you have been a good leader in the Nigerian entertainment Industry. I also extend my apology to Dj Phreez for my actions it was due to miscommunication and my sincere Apology to the DJS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA without you guys, my music will be a total nonsense.”

According to a statement from the association, Terry G’s act of violence to one DJ was regarded as an act of violence to all DJ’s.

The statement read: “The National Executives of the DJs Association of Nigeria (DJAN) humbly appreciate the support and cooperation of Nigeria DJs for full participation on said subject, we are most grateful for acknowledging the fact that ‘an injury to one is injury to all’, One Beat… One Voice.

“Terry G has shown a very reasonable level of remorse and had apologised to all parties concerned including apologising to the leadership of the Association at all levels.

“After due consultations and deliberations, the Deejays Association of Nigeria hereby lifts the ‘EMBARGO’ on all songs of Terry G (including songs he featured in). Thank you.”

Author: Ope Adedeji