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Harrison Chinedu, Nigeria’s footballer with a Guinness Book of World Records, says he has yet to be rewarded by the government and corporate bodies for attaining the feat.

Chinedu attained the record having walked the farthest distance with a football on his head on March 6 this year.

He walked 48.04km in 6.15 hours to beat the record formerly held by Indian soldier, Naib Singh, who walked 45.64km in his country in 2014.

The feat has attracted to him global attention and suitors who are already falling heads over heels to identify with him.

Chinedu said on Wednesday in Lagos that he recently received the certificate from the Guinness Book of Records, but with no financial benefit.

According to him, athletes in this part of the world are barely recognised when they break records or set records for others to attempt.

“There is no reason why Nigerian athletes should not be celebrated like athletes from other clime and revered when they accomplish great results.

“The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports and its federations should do more to ensure we celebrate our own people.

“This is a major reason why we lose many athletes who prefer to naturalise in countries that reward their efforts,’’ he said.

Chinedu, who is a striker in Beuket Rubber FC in Cambodia, said that it was time government started rewarding athletes to encourage them to give their best to win medals for the country.

“The Federal Government through the Minister of Youth and Sports only recognised me and presented me to the nation, but I expected more, especially now that we have athletes preparing for the Olympics.

“Rewarding me will spur athletes who are currently preparing for the Olympics to put in more efforts since they know that excellence attracts reward,’’ he said.

Author: Cerebral Lemon