Emerging menswear label, MEKS, has just debuted it capsule collection for 2016 called “cynosure”. 

The reason behind this title, according to the rep for the label, is that “the collection is inspired by the architecture of the immediate surrounding of the brand’s creative director, who is an avid reader. His surrounding boasts of the best of nature and beautifully painted structures that makes it a CYNOSURE to behold”.

Cynosure? Not quite.

With such an inspiration, one’s imagination would begin to wander around things such as fauna, landscapes or even sculptures. So it was even more disappointing to see that line-up of clothes were just tunics and suits. There wasn’t a sense of newness or innovation. Worthy of note were the colour-blocked panels arranged and cut into the said tunics.

View the collection below.

Photographer: @deladee_innovations

Stylist: @thestyletrain

MUA: @deydey_soso

Model: Seun Kujubola

Author: Kayito Nwokedi