Following the allegation that Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano built 35 roads in Aguleri, his ‘home town,’ the National Coordinator, Media Warriors Forum, Evang. Chinedu Obigwe, refuted the allegation on Sunday.

He cautioned those behind the false publication to stop concocting lies against the loved governor.

It was gathered that the allegation was made to tarnish the image and reputation of Gov. Obiano who struggles to make Anambra state the light of the nation.

In his words in a press release issued to newsmen, Obigwe stated that, “opposition party leaders move round the state with a dingy mind trying to convince the public that Obiano cherishes his home town more than them.

“But you see, it is a lie, His Excellency does not practice tribalism or have an interest best described as centrifugal rather centripetal. He always moves to the centre to perform his constitutional duties of providing amenities to his people generally. He has no interest in his home town in particular and that is why he is the most loved governor in Nigeria and a governor who places Anambra people first before himself or his kindred.

“Their statements are lies; they are infantile lies with no iota of truth. Governor Obiano did not construct 35 road projects at Aguleri, the major road being executed at Aguleri by Obiano’s administration is the Oil rig road that leads to Orient Petroleum Refinery.”

He added that Anambra opposition party leaders are a bunch of desperate power seekers who do not care about the interest of the people of the State.

Obigwe stated that their reason for concocting all manner of falsehood against the Governor was because they heard that he is loved by the people of the state who are bent and determined to return him to office for a merited second term.

Speaking on the reason why Governor Obiano embarked on the execution of the Oil rig road, Obigwe said “It is because of its economic viability and importance to the State.”

He challenged the opposition party leaders to substantiate their allegations by publishing names of the 35 roads project they claimed that the Governor executed at Aguleri.

Obigwe equally stated that Governor Obiano is an unbiased leader that believes in equity and even distribution of dividends of good governance.

In addition, the National coordinator Media warriors Forum, condemned the harassment of the electorate by Osita Chidoka’s campaign team.

Obigwe alleged that the electorate feel embarrassed receiving calls from Osita Chidoka’s campaign team who speak in persuasive terms to them to vote for him in the forthcoming election.

Speaking on how Chidoka’s team got their various mobile phone numbers, they stated categorically that Chidoka’s team got the numbers from the voters register allegedly given to them by INEC.

He however said that such ugly and undemocratic acts are tantamount to invasion of people’s privacy and urged INEC to stop such undemocratic acts.

“As election is round the corner opposition party leaders’ desperation for power made them to deploy undemocratic means and acts to unseat Governor Obiano. But the people of the State will stop their evil plans by voting en mass for Obiano on November 18th,” he said.

He urged the people of the State to be vigilant because the rat does not eat the food of a vigilant man.

Author: Cerebral Lemon