Overloaded vehicle coveying tomatoes caught at Alapere, highway in Lagos

Overloaded vehicle conveying tomatoes caught at Alapere, highway in Lagos

Tomatoes consumption is commonplace the world over. The transportation of the farm produce from the farms across the highways to various cities in Nigeria leave much to be desired, however.

Transporters overload vehicles that, many times, make tomatoes unwholesome by the time they get to the consumer.

More nauseating still is that overloaded vehicles travel on highways manned by Police Highway Patrol Teams and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) officials who see nothing wrong in such overloaded vehicles posing safety threats to other road users.

These officials would rather look for motorists not using seat belts, or not having fire extinguishers and where the motorist provides all of these and uses seat belt, the next document he or she must provide is “proof of ownership certificate” over the vehicle. Failure to produce same does not necessarily lead to arrest as long as the “offending” motorist can “settle”.

The vehicle over-loaded with tomatoes here was traveling all the way from the north of Nigeria and must have gone through numerous FRSC and police checkpoints before the shot was taken at Alapere in Lagos.

Author: Cerebral Lemon