There is one success devil that affects almost every single person at one point or another, some more than others.

This devil enters your home as a friend at first, congratulating you on your successes.

They shake your hand with fervor, hiding their evil intentions behind a friendly smile.

When you finally feel exhausted enough from all this work this devil pulls up a comfortable chair, lights the fireplace, brings you your favourite drink and invites you to relax with a silver tongue:

“Why don’t you sit down and rest for a while? You worked so long and worked so hard… Take a break, you deserve it.”

As you allow yourself to sink into the comfort of the chair this devil whispers into your ear:

“Doesn’t this feel nice? Look at all you have accomplished already… you are fine, you did more than enough. Be satisfied with what you have and stay here forever.”

This Devil’s name is: Complacency.

All this devil wants to see happen is for you to ruin everything you have worked so hard to get by relaxing and becoming lost in your own comfort.

Of course you should reward yourself for your successes, of course you should take a break, but you should never get chained to the chair and relax.

It is your drive that got you to success and it is your drive that will keep you there and push you further.

Should you lose this drive for more, should you give in to this devil, your success will slowly but surely slip away from you, all because you let the devil in in the first place.

Relax, but never get complacent, never stop living large, and never cease to strive for the life you want.

Author: Yemi Olarinre