In an Interview with Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey signaled her endorsement of presumptive Democratic party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. She also believes Clinton can win.

When asked whether Winfrey would “get behind” one of the candidates in the current presidential race, she said, using the official slogan of Clinton’s presidential candidate “I’m with her” to indicate her choice

“I will get behind the one. I’m with her. I have to say I’m with her,” Winfrey said.

Oprah also expressed her believe that Clinton can go on and become America’s first female president. She said: “I really believe that is going to happen. It’s about time that we make that decision.”

She explained that Clinton’s presidential race was monumental: “I would also say, that regardless of your politics, you cannot be a woman in the world and not see that this is a monumental time for women breaking the ceiling. Talk about breaking the ceiling!

“What this says is, there is no ceiling, that ceiling just went boom! It says anything is possible when you can be leader of the free world.”

She went on to state that she is willing to do more on behalf of the Clinton campaign if necessary.

It would be recalled that Oprah, was once upon a time Donald Trump’s dream running mate.

Author: Ope Adedeji