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Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole yesterday stated that he would continue serving his people until his last day in office – even though electioneering campaigns started already. While he was inspecting several ongoing projects in the state, he said the projects would all be completed before he handover to his successor.

His team including some media personnel were at a project – an 8-kilometre road constructed on the top of an underground tunnel in Igbinaduwa street. “With this road, when they drive on it, nobody will know there is a tunnel underneath, that is why I think the public should know”, the governor said.

He expressed gratitude and appreciation for prayers of the common people in the streets, despite heavy criticism by some elites.

According to him, “when you see those old men and women praying from their hearts, the combined powers of those prayers will completely neutralize any principality, anything planned by my opponents. And when you access the comments, where will any other party get votes in this state? How is it going to happen, with or without card readers, in every department of the state, how?”

He additionally added that, “the much talked about $75million, we have not touched it. So this is not the result of any loan. This month, we have paid salaries. We will continue to give our all to the people.”

Author: Cerebral Lemon