More than 4,000 students of the Osun State University are on the brink of being expelled from the school for failing to pay their school fees before the February 28, 2017 deadline set by the authorities of the institution.

If the fees are not paid before Tuesday (tomorrow), the students may also miss the first semester examination scheduled to begin on March 6.

This announcement was made by the management of the institution in a statement issued on Sunday by the Corporate Affairs Unit.

According to the statement, as at Saturday, 4,410 students were yet to fulfill this obligation 48 hours to the expiration of the deadline.

The institution’s management set a deadline for payment of school fees when it discovered that many students had not done this, adding that the development has affected the smooth running of the system.

It was be recalled that several reports had earlier stated that the students are the predicament they are in because they allegedly invested their school fees in the failed MMM Ponzi scheme having received it from their parents.

The statement claimed that some concerned parents and guardians of the defaulting students have been making calls to the university’s phone numbers to report that they had given the money to their children.

The university, however, advised students who cannot meet up with the deadline and do not want their admissions terminated to apply to the school authorities to grant them leave of absence for the current semester with a sworn affidavit, pledging to pay before resumption.

Author: Yemi Olarinre