An American photographer, Spencer Tunick, has been receiving applications from women interested in posing nude for a performance art installation piece protesting the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate at the Republican National Convention to hold in July.

The installation which is called, “Everything she says means everything” will only involve 100 women, however, according to Esquire magazine, about 1,500 women have applied to pose nude for the art on July 17 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio on the day of the Republican National Convention.

The women will all be holding mirrored discs and facing the convention site as early as sunrise on the day in order to utilise the morning light, the artist notes on his website.

Speaking about the reason for the project, Tunick says, “I have two daughters – 9 and 11 – and I want them to grow up in a progressive world with equal rights and equal pay and better treatment for women, and I feel like the 100 women lighting up the sky of Cleveland will send this ray of knowledge onto the cityscape”.

He also shared with Esquire some of the reasons women have given in wanting to participate: “I would love to be an example not only to my daughters but other women and children on how we will prevail and are worth more than what the eye can see,” said one applicant.

“I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, LGBT people, and all ‘others’ is poisoning this nation,” said another.

Born in 1967, Spencer Tunick is a New-York-based photographer who is known for staging shoots of nudes posing in different public spaces.

He has organised some 75 shoots of this kind since 1994 in different locations all over the world.

From his 2007 installation in Zocalo, Mexico to Dublin, Ireland in 2008, an installation outside the Opera House in Sydney, Australia in 2010, the Desert Spirits installation in Arizona, USA in 2013, to the installation called the San Miguel Redemption in Spain in 2014 and his most recent installation taken last month where 6,000 people posed for him in Bogota, Spain.

Tunick began planning for this installation since 2013, and it is his hope that it “will enlighten not only the delegates but set the vibe of the weekend, set a tone.”

“We really are reaching out to people of all parties. This is a work Republican women can participate in. It’s not so much a protest as it is a representative artwork,” said Tunick.

Although he typically uses both genders in his nude shots, Tunick decided to use only females for this one. Each volunteer will be naked for a maximum of 15 minutes and will receive a printed copy of the image afterwards.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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