Oyo State House of Assembly on Thursday passed a bill banning smoking in public places in the state.

The bill officially titled “Bill to Regulate Smoking in Public Places and for Connected Purposes” provides three to six months imprisonment for anyone found smoking in public (with an option of a fine between N15,000 – N50,000).

This bill is a timely and welcomed initiative as more and more facts show the harmful effects that passive smokers are liable to suffer.

The bill was sponsored by Mr. Segun Ajanaku and Mr. Segun Olaleye, representing Ibadan South-West II and Ibadan North II constituencies, respectively.

The Chairman of the House of Assembly’s Committee on Health, Mr. Silas Okunola, said that the bill was necessary for regulating smoking in designated places – including shopping centres, restaurants, public toilets and cinemas.

Any person found guilty of smoking in the presence of a child in a manner that exposes smoke to be injurious to the child would be liable, under the bill, to a month imprisonment with an option of N15,000 or both.

Smoking in public places is now largely illegal in many countries such as the United Kingdom.

Author: Cerebral Lemon