Everything has what it stands for. Just as colours have what they symbolize, as in white for peace, black for sorrow, red for danger, so are other things like animals and plants.

Among plants, palm tree is one of the great plants that stand for great things. You often hear Nigerian people incorporate it in their prayers for longevity, fruitfulness and so on.

The reason for such recognition is that all parts of the tree are useful. None of it is a waste. Even the waste of a part is a great item for another purpose.

#1. The tree itself is good for house construction. And from experience, its plank needs no fumigation as no insect, pest nor rodent can attack it. It can also be used as firewood.

#2. The leaves of a palm tree can be used for making brooms. As a matter of fact, the sliced fronds are used for crafting baskets, hand fans, and are used as ropes for tying objects.

#3. Its fruits called palm kernel is another part of the tree that gives birth to many materials.

The first product from the fruit is palm oil which is extracted by wrinkling the fruit.

The second is the shaft that produces the oil. This is a good resource for fire making.

Also, the palm nut is used for making the kernel oil (“adi” in the Yoruba parlance).

The thick peel of the palm nut is fuel for the blacksmith. No other item can substitute it with them.

#4. The palm wine is another great product of palm tree. It’s a local wine with sensual taste and Lustrous whiteness gotten from the palm tree.

#5. The root of palm wine is also used in some herbal mixtures.

Finally, palm tree is a resourceful tree that never has its leaves dried. Other trees do and also have their leaves grown.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi