Image: Google Play

Image: Google Play

Google’s new feature, Flight widget, has fast become one of the best ways to compare travel costs.

Buying flight tickets is an imperfect science because airlines vary the fares based on all kinds of factors that are difficult to understand.

How this happens doesn’t make much sense to an outsider, but Google’s new system is just meant to help you get the best information (and therefore fares) as quickly as possible.

You’ll now see a card pop up which shows you by how much the fare on a flight is supposed to increase, and in how many days.

This prediction is based on historical data rather than predicting future trends, so it won’t take into account one-off events like a festivity driving up ticket prices.

Google also launched a new Trips app last month that handles the part of trips that happen once you arrive at your destination.

Mostly, it’s a rehash of all the useful information Google Maps already has on a neighbourhood, but in a more streamlined format.

Between Maps, Trips, and the new Flights widget, Google is becoming an end-to-end holiday planner, and an effective one at that.

With all these, Google already has enough to create a new business line.

Author: Yemi Olarinre