By James Ojo

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, on Sunday stated that it would be catastrophic to have the opposition party in power again in 2019, saying it has left the country at the brink of destruction.

Speaking during a press conference held in Lagos, Lai Mohammed said, ‘‘it will not just be a tragedy, but a double tragedy, if we ever allow these same people to preside over our commonwealth.’’

Wondering why a party which caused Nigeria so much damage could muster the courage to contests for elections, the Minister urged Nigerians to avoid a repeat of the past by voting out the opposition party in subsequent elections in the country.

According to him, ‘‘It is a mark of the contempt for the PDP to tell Nigerians that the party is even talking of returning to power, even when the rot it left behind is yet to be totally cleared.”

He added “Never again must Nigeria be bedeviled by a rapacious, impunity-prone and plunderous party like the PDP.’’

Author: Cerebral Lemon