A flight from Australia to Thailand was diverted to land in Bali after five passengers got into a brawl, a media report said on Thursday.

The report added that the passengers posted on social media that blood was everywhere as the five men who were traveling together ignored pleas from cabin crew to calm down.

The head of Ngurah Rai Airport Authority, Yusfandri Gona, told newsmen that Jetstar Airways said the men were extremely disruptive.

Gona said their action prompted the captain to divert to Bali where Indonesian police took them off the plane into custody.

He added that Bali Airport police were saying one of the passengers in the brawl needed a doctor.

“Alcohol consumption seems to be involved. We are still investigating why the fight broke out too.

“Whether they will be charged under Indonesian law, or returned to Australia and charged there, we have not decided that.

“We cannot return them yet, we are still investigating the case, not until we conclude our investigation,’’ Gona said.

The remaining 309 passengers continued their flight and landed two hours behind schedule in Phuket, Thailand.

Author: Cerebral Lemon