The Nigeria Police is currently searching for a popular Hausa singer, Ado Halliru Daukaka, who went missing last Friday, BBC Africa reports.

According to a Police Spokesman in Adamawa, Othman Abubakar, security agencies are doing their best to find the singer who disappeared after releasing a song titled, ‘Gyara kayanka’, which means “Let us do the right thing” in Hausa.

In the song, he highlighted the incompetence and corruption among politicians.

One of his wives Hadiza Dauda told the BBC that they are also searching for him.

She said: “His phone is off. We are doing all possible but there is no sign of him. We are appealing to everyone to please help us find him. We are afraid for his life.”

In northern Nigeria, singers have a huge influence on their listeners and their songs are so well accepted they can sway political leanings.

Friends and fans of Ado Daukaka have taken to social media urging people to pray for the missing singer.

Author: Ope Adedeji