Lagos Police says walking on 3rd Mainland Bridge is now a crime. Really?

When did cutting off the head become the cure for headache? Did the Police realise that there are some who trek from Obalende to Iyana Oworo, or Yaba, or Makoko, cos of lack of transport fare?

By the way, is it only 3MB that people can take a dive from? List all the bridges in Lagos and see. How about pedestrian bridges? Can’t people dive from them just as a speeding car comes by?

Away from bridges. Do we know how many people that simply sip otapiapia or sniper or Gamalin 20 and the likes and quietly sleep off? Do we now ban sell of poison meant to control rodents?

A trader tells of her frustration in biz and how she was duped and she never got either her funds back or secured justice. Isn’t that indicting the governmental system? Why ban her, and others, from even jogging on 3MB when what she needs is some justice that will reaffirm her faith in the country that she calls hers?

She also talked of the fencing off of her pastor from her – a real case for further study on what we make of pastors who should actually be shepherds of flocks.

A pastor becomes large on the tithes and offerings of members and fences himself off with bodyguards and armed police guards? Talk for another time…

By Achilleus Uchegbu.

Author: Yemi Olarinre