Mexican Police Image:

Mexican Police Image:

Mexican human rights commission on Friday accused the police of torturing and executing 22 people in an altercation at a ranch in the state of Michoacan last year.

Luis Perez, Head of Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission said in Mexico City, at a function marking the “Humanitarian Day’’ that “serious human rights violations attributable to public servants are rampant in Mexico.’’

He said that a total of 42 civilians and one police officer died in the clash at the Rancho del Sol ranch in May 2015.

Perez alleged that afterward, police tampered with the crime scene and detained and tortured a number of people.

Meanwhile, police have denied the allegations and insisted that they only acted in self-defence and used their weapons only after they had been attacked.

“Michoacan, which is located some 300 kilometres west of the capital Mexico City, is considered one of the most violent regions of the country.

“It is the home of an ongoing drugs war involving crime cartels such as The Knights Templar and Jalisco Nueva Generacion,’’ the police said.

Author: Cerebral Lemon