The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Monday that it had asked the police to investigate suspected phone fraud targeting HIV-positive people and leaking their information.

CDC said that people with HIV nationwide had reportedly received phone calls from individuals claiming to work for the government.

It noted that the callers allegedly attempted to collect service fees for government subsidies for the HIV-infected.

“This has raised suspicions that the personal information of HIV-positive people had been leaked.

“Organisations or individuals must not disclose names, addresses, pictures, medical records and other information of HIV-positive people, AIDS patients and their families without consent,’’ it said.

Theft of this information and phone fraud violate the law,’’ the CDC stressed.

CDC added that the centre had taken measures to better protect the information and it would also work closely with the police in helping with a crackdown on the crime.

Author: Cerebral Lemon