“Be prepared”, says the Boy’s Scout’s motto. Armed with every tool, skill and survival tip possible, the scouts storm the woods and put their survival knowledge to the test. It’s easy to prepare for something you know is coming, but how do you prepare for a storm that hasn’t even begun gathering yet?

When the storm is coming, you can see it forming in the east. The dark clouds rolling in from as tiny as a man’s fist to as wide as the oceans, spanning the horizon, spreading itself over the sky. The winds blow strong and move everything in its path. It wraps around the trees and they sway and bend in obedience. It sends wrappers and clothes hanging on lines flying into the air, the birds frantically flapping between them going where they go to hide from the storm.

You see the storm gather, watch the heavy winds sweep up everything in its path and you prepare. You lock your windows, pack your clothes in from where they have been hanging on the line and brace yourself for the storm to hit. Each clap of thunder is less frightening, each streak of lightning flashing across the sky is less blinding, because you are prepared, mentally and physically.

But how do you prepare for the storm that you do not see? How do you build an ark when the earth has been dry for years? How do you get ready for the rainy day when the rain does not look like it will even fall? Farmers in the East make their mounds months before the rains begin. They make their mounds before the rains come because when it does, the ground will be too soaked with water to dig so they dig it when it is dry and cracked and hard.

You cannot prepare for the storm when it is coming because you do not know how quickly it will hit. Some will arrive with a brief warning of a light breeze and a gentle pattering of droplets before the mighty showers, while others will fall so quickly and suddenly like a child throwing a tantrum. The only way is to prepare while the sun is still out and the ground is dry. Prepare, and wait, for the storm will come.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.