Pride Is The Fear Of Humiliation… It Rids You Of Humility

Image: Bane of Your Resistance Pride Is The Fear Of Humiliation… It Rids You Of Humility

We are so afraid of humiliation, of someone striping our worth off of us, that we do all we can to make ourselves appear bigger, self-sufficient, more important, stronger.

We create intricate masques, in order to appear more successful, popular and great. We do all this, and then desperately hide behind these masques, afraid that someone would tear them off our faces, leaving us bare and insufficient.

We would stand there humiliated, feeling like we are not enough, when the truth is we are enough when we keep true to who we authentically are.

While in humiliation we get shamed and exposed, when we are humble, we have nothing to hide. We are who we are. We are beautifully aware that our reality does not change if people adore us, or if they ridicule us.

Throughout my life I’ve met some exceptional people, who were deeply humble and real, in spite of their fame, fortune and success. When you are near such people, you wish to become a better human, and learn from them.

When you are next to them, they build you up and encourage you, unlike those fake ones who have a need to push you down in order to emphasize their own greatness.

Really great people never belittle you, but help you grow, because they remember being you. They do not let themselves forget.

Humble people know themselves well. They remember times when they were low, hitting rock bottom. They remember making mistakes, disappointing people and themselves, doing things they are not proud of.

They also know their beautiful and strong sides and values. They know how it feels to defeat the odds and come to the other side victorious.

They are not falsely proud, because they do not let themselves forget that they are human and that they have a past, just like everyone else.

They remember that they had help along the way, and so they value people, friendship, compassion and kindness.

They smile to royalty the same way they smile to a homeless people. They do not consider themselves too good for anyone.

If I could keep one thing alive inside me always, it is the powerful warm light of humility.

Author: Yemi Olarinre