I recently stumbled on a meme that had a man and a woman on their phones and the scanner/photocopier close by popping out a baby all in the same room.

Hilarious! Whatever activity brings about baby making has been reduced to tap-tap and click-click of keyboards.

That’s an adverse effect of technology on relationships and the world at large.

Gone are the days when partners longed to take silent walks, holding hands, murmuring sweet nothings and smiling sheepishly on the shore of lonely beaches.

Gone are the days when the most common and effectual mode of communication was either face to face or written, easily understandable letters. Gone are the days where just sitting by the riverside was enough communication to last a fortnight.

Times have really changed.

Meaningful conversations have been reduced to phone messages and most ridiculously, shorthand messages that require tutorials to decipher.

A part of communication that is so important (what would make employers request face-to-face interview after telephone interviews?) is the tone of voice and body language.

All these seem to be lost in our fast evolving world of technology. Meanings have gone adrift as all what not are inferred in most of these written exchanges.

As a remedy, I propose…

I propose we chuck our devices in the crevices around.

I propose we maximize time spent talking or just looking into space – together.

I propose we place more value on the sanctity of a communication rich relationship than on the prices and sophistication technology is flooding our lives with.

Author: Siju Yusuf