Trust is as important as love in a relationship. Without both, the assumed relationship is merely ‘acquaintanceship’

One thing that baffles me till this day is how the older generation hold/held their relationships. Some would say that was the era where women could not differentiate right from wrong, where they were an inferior minority whose voices were never heard. I get the part that the level of submissiveness may have been higher (I have no statistics to prove this statement), a part of me also thinks there was a greater level of trust.

Promiscuity or infidelity did not just start, civilization has only made it somewhat more acceptable. Then again, civilization did not consider the ills.

A macho (my spec, winks), elegant, seemingly confident man races for his partners phone as she gets off a call to check the caller…

An intelligent, attractive and smart looking lady is constantly on a panic mode every time her partner is away because she just can’t get the thoughts of the partner’s assumed and un-assumed promiscuous ways out of her mind…

Beneath the façade of having it all-together is a confused, vacillated, dejected and frustrated hopelessness.

Without mincing words, a relationship devoid of trust is headed for the rocks just as much as one devoid of love.

The constant unrest, inability to focus on other things, state of brokenness and worthlessness can and will only drive partners further apart…. To the waiting arms of whoever or whatever gives peace.

However mistrust enters a relationship there is the need to talk about it and flush! It is difficult but possible. If the past is not put where it belongs, it has a way of crippling back into the present to mess up the future.

If your relationship is worth two cents and you are willing to make it work, it will definitely be worth your while to have that oftentimes dreaded conversation and save yourself the unnecessary heartache.

Author: Siju Yusuf