During a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Las Rasmussen, yesterday in Washington DC during the Nuclear Security Summit, Buhari reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to the rapid diversification of Nigeria’s economy.

Buhari said Nigeria’s food importation bill is too high and that we are now determined to exploit agriculture to the fullest. This, he said will help reduce unemployment and make Nigeria much more productive than it presently is.

“We will welcome more investment in our agriculture and solid minerals sector from countries with expertise in the two sectors. We abandoned them for petroleum but now we have to go back”, Buhari said.

The Danish Prime Minister assured Buhari that they are very interested in investing in the development of Nigeria’s agriculture sector if the right policies and conditions are put in place.

She said, “We are quite experienced in agriculture. It is an area in which we can cooperate. If you pave the way and remove the obstacles, we will like to come in”

Author: Samson