source: thinlstock

source: thinlstock

The speculated experiment for birth control for men has been in the works and there has been recent developments in that line. Works put into that line has yielded some results.

The birth control for men are said to work by targeting an enzyme present in the testes cells which give rise to sperm.

Researchers, including an Indian-origin reproductive biologist, have discovered a novel way to develop non-hormonal birth control drug for men that will be free of any side effect.

The team developed a way to produce the key enzyme in sufficient quantities which can lead to future drugs that stop the sperm from swimming to the egg.

Jagathpala Shetty, research scientist and co-study author at Virgina University’s school of medicine said “We are on the path toward the male contraceptive drug and this is a noteworthy benchmark along that path”.

The milestone reached is the production and isolation of a full-length, active kinase enzyme in sufficient quantities to conduct drug screens,” added lead researcher Professor John Herr.

By targeting this enzyme, its function gets inhibited. It thus, decreases the sperm motility – the sperm’s ability to swim – so that fertilisation cannot occur.

However, it’s been revealed that only perfectly healthy men can use the contraceptive. This means it will require a precision in its mechanism of action, without any off-target side effects on molecules with similar properties located in other organs.

Author: Yemi Olarinre