By Justice Nwafor

Three money ritual suspects – Alfa Kareem, 37; Bello, 22, and Adebayo Yusuf –  have been arrested and paraded by the Oyo state Police command for being in possession of two fresh human heads and legs.

Why they became ritualists

The suspects told the police that their desire to get rich quick without working for it led them to get the human parts which, according to them, were severed from corpses at a Muslim cemetery in Isale General Area of Ogbomoso.

How they were arrested

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abiodun Odude, during the parade, revealed that the suspects were arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Command on November 11, following a tip-off by a member of the public.

Ritualists confession

One of the suspects, Kareem, denied ever being involved in using human parts for money rituals, pleading that this was his first time; while the other suspect, Bello, narrated how they got the human parts.

He said: “We went to Isale General at Ogbomoso to exhume the bodies at about 8 p.m. On our way back, two inquisitive boys, who accosted us on the road, demanded to know where the offensive odour was from.

“We tried to deceive them, but they were insistent. So we had to run. They caught Kareem before the Police arrested us at our homes.”

Revealing what they intended to do with the human parts, the third suspect, Taofeek said “We wanted to use the parts for money rituals. If we had succeeded in taking them to our place, we would have dried and burnt them.

“After burning the parts, we will grind same to powdery substance and mix some of it with soap to take our bath in the morning and to take pap at night.

“After we have done this, some weird creatures, who we generally call spirits, will bring the money to us – usually at night.”

Author: Cerebral Lemon