In a bid to frustrate U.S. crackdown on North Korea, Russia has donated free Internet connection to its ally, North Korea.

Cyber security experts confirmed the new Russian link when it became clear that North Korea no longer depends on China as the only source of cyber lifeline.

News of the Russian backup came after the U.S. newspaper, Washington Post reported that the U.S. cyber command attacked hackers/computer servers affiliated with North Korea’s military spy agency over the weekend.

Cyber security expert, Bryce Boland confirmed: “By increasing the number of Internet connections in and out of the country, it increases its resilience to attacks.”

China had in 2009 gone into a deal to provide North Korea with telecommunication links. The new move, therefore, means so much for North Korea as the U.S. continues to pressurise China to stop its business dealing with North Korea over North Korea’s missile and nuclear experiments.

With the Russian involvement in North Korea’s internet connectivity, attacks against North Korea computer servers, going forward, would have to travel through Russia’s internet route. So, anytime the U.S. attacks North Korea, it will be interpreted as an attack on Russia.

Boland said: “A U.S. attack on North Korea could be seen as provocative move against Russia. That could potentially escalate tensions between the US and Russia.”

Author: Cerebral Lemon