Samsung surprised many fans of its Android-driven Galaxy series this week with the suggestion that it will completely bypass the Galaxy Note 6 generation.

This was confirmed by a high-ranking official at the Korean consumer electronics giant, who told a native publication that the next phablet release from Samsung is likely to be branded the Galaxy Note 7.

This would represent the first time in the history of the Galaxy Note phablet that Samsung has chosen to entirely skip a generational number for marketing reasons, and it may seem like something of a strange decision.

It would seem to follow naturally that the next cab off the rank of the Galaxy Note range would be the Galaxy Note 6, but Samsung seems to see things differently.

There seems to be two primary motivations for the decision to skip the Galaxy Note 6 generation.

Firstly, with the Galaxy S7 already released, Samsung is essentially shoring up its mobile range, and ensuring that they all feature the same digit as part of their titles.

This does make logical sense to a certain extent, with the Korean corporation having been accused previously of having something of a confusing policy towards its device releases.

Secondly, the great rival of Samsung, Apple, is expected to release the iPhone 7 in September, and thus the idea of a Galaxy Note 7 will fit neatly into what can be viewed as a seventh generation phablet.

While the Galaxy Note 7 is not the only Samsung device intended to compete directly with the iPhone 7, it will be the first Samsung mobile released ahead of the hugely popular mass-market Apple phone.


Author: Ekpeki Donald Pen Prince

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