Everyday new apps are released, some are quite helpful while some are just plain pieces of crap. The Eva Facial Mouse app is definitely one of the most helpful apps.

Though this app is targeted at handicapped people, persons without deformity can use it as well.

The app lets you control your device by simply turning your head. It’ll definitely take a lot of patience if you want to get used to the app.

You can set the pointer speed as well. The mouse automatically clicks on the selected item a few seconds after you hover it on the item.

The scroll buttons are placed on the screen as well with your head showing at the top center of the screen.

Considering the app uses the phone camera to carry out its functions, it might have a slight toll on the battery and let it drain out faster.

The app is not yet fully stable as there are some glitches but the developers are still working on improving it.

Author: Yemi Olarinre