On Wednesday, the senate passed a new law serving death sentences/penalty for kidnappers. They belief this would serve as a deterrence to kidnappers in Nigeria.

Following this, was an adoption of recommendations from the report by the Joint Committee on Police Affairs, National Security and Intelligence on what they deemed to be “an unfortunate reoccurrence of kidnapping and hostage taking”.

The reports contained only six recommendations, but the Senate decided to take in effect a stringent punishment as a deterrence to culprits, hence the addition and adoption of a death penalty. Another additional recommendation for capital punishment was said to be proposed by Senator Adamu Alliero and adopted by the Senate.

The Senate also decided that apart from the adoption of a death law, adequate funding has to be provided for security agencies which will, in turn, create employment opportunity. There was also an agreement that such agencies would be undergoing training and retraining of personnel while also stating that the state government should enforce laws aiding the prosecution of kidnappers.

The upper chamber of the legislature also advocated for more widespread information sharing among security agencies while also encouraging heads of security agencies to do more in checking kidnapping.

While presenting the report of the Joint Committee, Senator Abu Ibrahim (APC Katsina South) said that kidnapping which started in smaller regions had now become a nationwide threat. He remarked that although security agencies knew the mode of operation of the kidnappers, they were usually hampered by the availability of funds.

The report further stated that there was an undue opposition between security agencies which brought about a lack of co-operation. Some of the senators blamed the continuity of kidnapping on the absence of  an appropriate punishment meted out to kidnappers. There was further insistence that the practice of always paying ransoms rather than waiting for security agencies to apprehend the culprits had made the kidnapping business’ profitable.

Senator Dino Melaye (APC Kogi West) in his submission, took a stance that kidnappers should be hung or made to face the firing squad.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, in his report commended the committee for a job well done also stressing that there was a need for a strict law.



Author: Cerebral Lemon