Earlier in the week, Google introduced a new feature that will enable users to explore the world of fashion and shop directly from curated, fashion-related and inspirational contents on

The feature called ‘Shop the look’ was launched to bring outfits posted by fashion bloggers into search results.

How it works

Users on their smartphones can search for an outfit, for instance “cocktail dress”, and the platform will pull in images from social influencers that match the outfit’s description.

From the search result, the user could see images of popular fashion bloggers wearing the searched content or similar ones.

Users can tap on one of the images and it will display a gallery with each item of clothing featured in the picture, as well as a link to buy it.

Interestingly, Google is integrating ‘Shop the Look’ with its Shopping campaign ad product, meaning retailers can create an ad for an article of clothing to potentially appear in these results.

As with standard Shopping ads, retailers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis, and all impressions and clicks will be reported within existing shopping campaigns.

Getting started

Goggle is currently testing the `Shop the Look’ experience in the U.S. on mobile devices. It is expected to be expanded in the future.

Does this mean Google is planning to launch a big fashion store in the future? Could they potentially steal some search traffic away from established fashion sites?

These are question that will be answered when the feature is deployed.


Author: Timilehin Boyinde

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde is a research writer and a social media strategist. A public affairs analyst, he writes about history, politics, sports, life matters and technology. He is passionate about happenings in Local and international political arenas. He is an avid Manchester United fan and an unapologetic Nigerian.