A simple pause and reflection on what you are most grateful for has been proven to boost your mood and reduce the effect of some mental disorder. To live happy, we can’t always be brooding long over things that made us sad or caused us to become frustrated.

To live a more colorful life, you should consider these simple ways;

Stop comparing yourself to others: It is a good thing to chase aspirations and dreams, however, it becomes bad when we start comparing ourselves to what we see on the outside – magazines, social feeds – you create an unrealistic ideal for yourself which might not necessarily be the way to go. The problem with comparison is that you don’t always know the behind-the-scenes and not everything we see is as it seems. Work productively at your own pace.

Practice mindfulness: This means engaging your mind and senses in every part of an activity. Don’t just do lunchtime, savour your food. Read a good book and appreciate the work put into making it pleasing. Notice new things in your environment on the way to work. Watch as the clouds form when it is about  to rain. You start to observe and lessen pessimism on the world being such a bad place, this in turn influences you with optimism.

Reframe your thoughts: Remove negative words and slip in better ones. You don’t have to be extreme or exaggerating. An old thing might be vintage, being broke might be a time for you to practice solitude, a bad day might be the only time you get into your sheets to reflect. There are always new perspective to things. Cultivate an habit of embracing other perspectives.

Keep a gratitude journal: On your very good days, write down those things you are grateful for. Apart from writing in itself being therapeutic, you start to see that ‘maybe it isn’t so bad after all’. You can always go back to read it when you seem to have nothing to be grateful for.

Acknowledge mistakes and move on: Give yourself the time to get sad over it, learn from it and then move on. Tunneling down that wormhole isn’t healthy for anyone.

Cultivate healthy habits and lifestyle: Read about ways to eat better, because you are what you eat. Exercise often. Dance when you’re happy. Get adequate sleep. Drink water regularly. Visit places. All these in turn culminate to boosting your mood.

Help others: Causing people happiness indirectly feeds us with happiness. It works everytime and remember they can be in large ways and in little ways.

Author: Cerebral Lemon