Leave it to Ohimai Atafo to shut down fashion week. He is naturally a show man, a fact evident in his daily sartorial garb. But the mood this season was a bit quiet, which is a surprise from the man who is often called Nigeria’s answer to Tom Ford.

“Sartorial Thursday” is what he called his new line up of clothes. According to him, Thursday happens to be the middle of the week. It is very much a week day, but it is close to the weekend. He was looking to strike a balance.

That meant loosely tailored shirts and tunics cut from the traditional pinstripe, paired with equally loose fitting trousers. There was also a navy French suit which was worn with a crisp white poplin shirt peeking beneath it, which felt very fresh. Actually, this was the loosest MAI collection to date. The bright shot of chartreuse also added to the relaxed mood.

At the end though, Mai was back to his familiar form, presenting a trio of sharply tailored double breasted tuxedos in black, ivory, and iridescent blue.

When he emerged to take his bow, it was applause all round from every man (and woman) who witnessed the show and wished everyday would be MAIday.

Author: Kayito Nwokedi