Speaking to Babatunde “papa” Oyeyemi of Maxivive, he described his collection as being inspired by three things: Yegwa, Venezuela, and Islam. More specifically, Yegwa in Venezuela.

For those not in the know, Yegwa Ukpo happens to be the owner of the uber-cool concept store in Lagos(Nigeria) called Stranger. For anyone who knows Yegwa, his wardrobe is comprised of pieces by Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Comme Des Garçons.

Going by Japanese tailoring, the silhouettes were loosely tailored classics that were reworked. Sweat suits came in a perforated cotton. The short sleeve of a classic white shirt ballooned to reveal the long sleeve of another shirt beneath it. A three piece sports suit (tshirt, jogging pants, and bomber) was rendered in a translucent fabric, with bright red stitches at the seams that lent the look a certain amount of fragility. The decision to use red for the stitching was where the reference to Venezuela manifested; a subtle kind of drama.

The reference to Islam? That came across via the general look and feel of the clothes, which felt very nomadic.

Another brilliant outing from one of Nigeria’s super talents.

Author: Kayito Nwokedi