You’re welcome to Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s school of rejects. A school where the bad boys are the coolest-looking, albeit in the brightest colours: Orange, pink, yellow, and blue. A school where androgyny is welcomed: striped short suits with open backs that are tied closed.

Get it? That’s the idea. The fact that regular ‘masculine’ stereotypes are broken, and male femininity is celebrated. It didn’t seem strange, particularly in these times where sexuality has become fluid.

The show was a complete mix, a yin and yang mixture of the sexes: bright sweat shirts had sentences like ‘I’ll buy you black lipstick’ or ‘I don’t like mirrors’ emblazoned on them- suggestions of rebellion. Bombers were presented in colorful prints of hand signals. Short shorts topped black pantyhose. Perversion was injected with the addition of a black patent leather (could have been rubber) cummerbund that cinched the waist of the black suit at the end.

It was a well balanced show that came from someone who often refers to himself as ‘the boy with a colourful disposition’.

You’re once again invited to Orange Culture’s school of rejects. A place where everyone is welcome.

Author: Kayito Nwokedi